Throw Away Your Shampoo

Throw Away Your Shampoo

Most people shampoo their hair every time they take a shower without thinking anything of it. We have all been taught since we were young that it’s important to keep our hair and body clean, and no one likes the feeling of dirty, oily hair. Many people have no idea that the shampoo they use to try to keep their hair healthy may in fact be causing more damage. The truth is that your hair and scalp create their own natural oils, and you need those oils to make sure your hair stays healthy and vibrant. Unfortunately, traditional shampoo strips those oils away and washes them right down the drain along with daily dirt and grime. Especially in a dry desert climate like Arizona’s, the daily assault of heat and sun bakes away the healthy nutrients your hair needs. Washing your hair with harsh chemicals like those found in most bottles of shampoo will only speed this damage, leaving you with broken, dry hair that looks thin, brittle, and miserable.

Acclimate Your Hair

Many people who move to Arizona suddenly find that they need to wash their hair much more frequently in the hot, dry climate. Not only that, but showering too often leaves their skin and scalp feeling dry, itchy, or even red and cracked. There’s a reason for that! – it’s because the natural moisture and oils that your

body needs to be healthy is being washed away before it can be replenished. And although it may take a little bit longer to notice, that very same damage is happening to your hair. If you try to wash your hair every day in a desert climate like Arizona’s, you’ll end up destroying your hair and creating a straw-like, totally unmanageable mess of split ends and broken strands of hair. Some people even find that themselves losing their hair! With all of this destruction, it’s no wonder that many people are ready to throw away their bottles of shampoo forever.



Why toss your old shampoo?

How does shampoo damage your hair? Well, that shampoo you’re using is just doing its job: it’s cleaning your hair! The damage you see is caused because the shampoo you’re using is stripping your hair of its natural oils. Most shampoo works by trapping dirt and oil, allowing it to be rinsed away as you stand in the shower. The trouble is that your hair actually needs most of the natural oil it produces. It doesn’t do any good for you when you wash it down the drain. When you live in a very dry climate, you can go days or even weeks without needing to shampoo.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wash your hair at all. Most people living in Arizona are spending as much time as they can, enjoying the sunny days outdoors, playing sports, and generally living an active lifestyle. That means you’ll look and feel better if you can wash off the dirt and sweat. You’ll need to use special products specifically designed to keep your hair looking its best even through the long, hot days.

You’ll need to replace all the moisture and natural oils that your hair is losing. Most people know that they should use a conditioner after shampooing their hair. But why? The purpose of a conditioner is specifically to replace the oils your shampoo just stripped away. Conditioners work by creating a waxy coating over the strands of hair, making your hair appear smoother and shinier and sealing in the moisture from your recent shower. The fats and oils contained in the conditioner replaces some of the healthy oils your body creates naturally – but not all of them. And your hair’s natural oils are always better than anything artificial. Using shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair and attempt to keep it balanced enough: not too dry and not to oily, is just fighting a losing battle. Your hair will never be as healthy as it needs to be if you are simply repeating a cycle of shampoo, conditioner, and harsh styling products. Add in the sun damage, dry air, and high heat of Arizona’s climate, and it’s no wonder you may think that attempting to maintain a healthy and beautiful head of hair is completely hopeless! That’s where Unwash brand hair products can help!

What does Unwash offer?

The Unwash product line includes the customer favorite bio-cleansing conditioner. This unique formula keeps your hair clean without stripping away its natural oils. It’s safe for all hair types, including dry, damaged, and color-treated hair. The bio-cleansing conditioner removes dirt and unhealthy oil buildup from your hair while allowing your scalp and the cuticles at the roots of your hair to continue producing the natural oils that will keep your hair healthy. That means that like other conditioners, after using Unwash bio-cleansing conditioner, your hair will be smooth and shiny. But Unwash is better, because it makes your hair shine with moisture from your own natural oils. You can trust that you aren’t sacrificing your hair’s long-term health and beauty to make it look good today. Plus it smells amazing!

When you need a deeper clean, Unwash brand hair products still have you covered. Their anti-residue cleanse is designed for oilier hair that needs buildup removed without causing damage. Rather than using a traditional shampoo and conditioner routine, try using Unwash anti-residue cleanse instead. That way, you’re allowing your hair’s natural oils to keep your hair healthy, balanced, and beautiful.

On the days when you don’t feel the need to wash your hair, you can use Unwash brand dry cleanser (dry shampoo). This easy to use spray contains a lightweight formula designed to pick up excess oil and leave your hair feeling fresh and clean without leaving behind any residue or creating any of the damage that chemical-laden hairsprays may cause. It’s a simple way to add beauty and body to your hair, regardless of whether you plan to leave it down and flowing freely or tie it up into a fancy style.

And for dry, damaged hair that needs some extra love and care, Unwash provides a hydrating masque. This ultra-nourishing formula helps create healthier hair from the inside out. It works to replace the natural oils your hair has lost, and protects your hair while it works to produce more of those same oils. The added boost of moisture allows your hair to restore its own natural balance and recover from the destruction it’s suffered due to the harsh chemicals included in other hair care products, or the sun and heat damage caused by Arizona’s desert climate. Like all Unwash brand hair products, the hydrating masque works with your hair’s natural oils rather than stripping them away, which means you know it will work for the long term.

Have the right products for AZ life.

While it’s true that harsh chemical hair care products and traditional shampoos can do a lot of damage, especially combined with the climate of Arizona, which is truly brutal when it comes to the healthy balance of your hair, the great news is that none of this destruction is irreversible. You’ll find it’s easy to use Unwash brand products to care for your hair at home, but you can ask a local hair care professional for advice on styles and daily routines for healthy hair in Arizona. They can offer tips based specifically on the type of hair you have, and even better, they can offer you the products you’ll need to get your hair looking its very best.

You can find the entire line of Unwash brand hair products at the Hair2o Salon in Tempe. The stylists at Hair2o live in the desert just like you do, and they’re experts who know how to deal with desert-damaged hair. Hair2o’s mission is to develop relationships with clients that will allow each person who walks in to look their very best. You know you can trust them to answer your questions and provide knowledgeable service and care. And they’ll work with you to make sure that your hair not only looks beautiful, but stays healthy too. The stylists at Hair2o know that elaborate styles can make it difficult to properly care for your hair. Tight braids and twists can create more breakage and suck away even more moisture. And if your hairdo involves using hot rollers, flat irons, or blow dryers set to high heat, those heat-based tools are wrecking your hair just as thoroughly as the desert sun. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or using bleach-based hair color creates similar problems. Booking regular appointments with the hair care professionals at the Hair2o Salon means that you can catch the damaging effects of all of these daily challenges before they get to be too devastating. Use desert-friendly products like Unwash, and experiment with styles that allow your hair to flow freely. Protect your head of hair with hats and swimming caps, the same way that you protect your skin with sunscreen. And most important: recognize that if you truly want to maintain a healthy head of hair, it’s time to throw away your shampoo forever!