How to Go Blonde the Right Way in Arizona

How to go blonde the right way in Arizona


Brunette to Blonde in Tempe AZ

Are you having blonde fever? Do you want blonde same day and are sick of being told to highlight and over time will be a blonde? Are you getting obsessed every time you open Instagram and see gorgeous platinum blonde strands that are to die for? Do you have tons of Pinterest boards that sound like: platinum bombshell, blonde and gorgeous? If any of those tittles sound familiar to you, stick around. Going platinum is no joke, read more to find out how to do it right, the first time!

Blonde and platinum hair is a staple, not just a trend. Through the years blonde locks inspire elegance and brilliance as they shine with ray of light in the summer and glisten in the snow in the winter, blonde is one of the most popular hair colors ever and it is here to stay. Sadly, going blonde is not easy or quick and if you are ready to take the plunge, you better be ready to do some research and learn about a whole new world.



If you are thinking platinum, regardless of your hair color you will need to bleach your hair. Now, some bleach brands are your hairs worst enemy. The entire bleaching process is harsh that removes all natural pigment in your hair strands. If you think about it, the whole thing sounds pretty bad but thankfully, since wanting blonde and platinum beautiful locks is not new, technology has come a long way and we have fantastic options for bleaching our hair safely and enjoying the hair color we want, when we want it.

Since bleaching is harsh in essence, do yourself the favor to do it the right way the first attempt. That is if you want to have any hair left by the time you are done… Going to a salon will ALWAYS BE THE RIGHT

CHOICE. Not once in the history of the world bleaching your hair at home without knowledge of the chemistry that is involved in the process has ever worked out: FOR ANYONE. EVER.


Mixing the wrong proportions of chemicals can have terrible consequences for your hair and even your health. Before even dreaming about giving it a go, think about skin rashes that can come as a consequence of being allergic to the chemicals, burning your hair to the point where it is fried and falling out, not bleaching it enough and ending up with a burnt orange shade you didn’t want and worst of all: “leopard prints” stains all over your head because you couldn’t reach certain spots. Overall, just don’t put yourself threw that pain. It is not worth it.


Go See a Professional

Now that I’ve convinced you to go to a salon, let’s talk about the right salon you go to. When looking for a salon there are a few things you want to consider: are they a color-focused salon, or are they known for their cuts? Maybe even for other services like color correction. So find a salon that is focused on what you need. Some places like to specialize in one thing or to lean heavily on one particular service. For example, some salons are famous because of all the fabulous art they can create with cuts, texture and may be better equipped to give you the haircut of your life, but other salons may be exclusively for coloring where all stylists are more than familiar with manipulating colors and creating wonderful works of art. If you are open to suggestions and are in the Tempe / Phoenix area, in Arizona you should look at Hair2o Salon. They specialize in everything you want great color they have someone for that, you have curls and can never get a good cut they have a person for that! They are the salon that can give you a great cut AND great color, they have tons of reviews on Yelp, excellent recommendations, a fantastic location and outstanding customer service that will make you feel at home. While of course, getting pampered.

For going from brunette to platinum, or any color to platinum, you want a hairdresser that is a PROFESSIONAL, a real professional. Someone with tons of experience that understands the hair you have, and the hair you want…because, there is a difference!

The right hairdresser for going blonde is one that has the knowledge and confidence needed to pull this off, so you definitely want the best of the best. “How to know if they are good” you may ask, well, a good hair colorist will listen to you closely, understand your current hair condition and will propose a good plan for bleaching it safely, will show you previous work where she/he created beautiful looks on other clients and will tell you exactly how she or he will do your process. If you see her name frequent in positive reviews that is a plus. Plus, if it’s a FANTASTIC hairdresser he or she will also follow up with products you can use at home to care for your hair and your brand new color. (Extra points if the salon sells them.)

Going blonde in Tempe AZ

If you are thinking safely means waiting forever, don’t be alarmed. Safely doesn’t mean having to come back to the salon over and over and over… It just means doing it right. Many women out there can tell you about the many times they heard that before going blonde they needed to get highlights, or balayage or “do it over time”.

And, well… yes and no. The verdict is: if you do it right it takes just one time, but sometimes hairdressers are not all that confident with bleach and would rather do it twice than going all the way and risk compromising the quality of your hair. Which is why you want a hairdresser that knows what she’s talking about.

There are TONS of products out there and now, let’s face it, some are good, some are great and some are just terrible.


The Process

Now, like we discussed, bleaching is hard and dangerous, but you have options and you’re not alone. Salons are open to discussing with you which brands they can offer to better fit your service. The best bleaching product ever made (and I talk by experience) is Blonde Me by Schwarzkopf. Not only does this bleach smell amazing, its dust free, safe for allergies and conditioning but it was DESIGNED specifically for lifting UP TO 10 LEVELS and that is the platinum you want! It has the best bond multipliers to keep your hair strong during the process. This keeps it from feeling gummy and breaking off. No other brand can say that, plus their research led the industry to the wonderful products we have today. This bleach protects the bonds in your hair like a built in Olaplex, it lifts evenly and requires no damaging heat. If your hairdresser says you need to sit in the heat chair, reconsider. What happens is that causes good quality bleach to swell and leak all over your head. Also causes the cuticle to open way too much and drive the bleach deep into your cortex causing dryness and unpleasant lasting upkeep.

Bleach is not the only thing you’ll need to get bright and blonde. Toners play a major part in changing colors. Bleach removes color from the hair strands and toner deposits color and strength back into that strand. Unlike permanent color, toner is milder and provides shades that will seal your cuticle and protect that strand. Also, toners guarantee that the color you’ll see in your hair is the color you want, not a brassy orange or yellow. Toning is how your hairdresser will deposit the right undertones into that yellow/white mess of a head that you’ll see after the bleaching is done. Ask your salon about which brands they work with; if you hear Kenra, Guy Tang or Schwarzkoff, you’re good. These brands are PPD free and have bond multipliers, which will allow your hair to protect itself from the damage of removing the color not to mention amazing long lasting color. Also, their products condition your hair to get it ready for your next visit. (Pro tip: Hair2o Salon carries these brands. –yay!)



Something to also consider is the upkeep. Blonde locks are gorgeous but since the porosity changes toners will eventually fade and if you want to avoid going back in for that service use purple shampoo! Purple shampoo is used to stabilize the color in between washes and coloring services. If left untreated your blonde will eventually look brassy, dull and yellowish. So you do need a purple shampoo, and you need a good one. Hair2o Salon has your back. They only use Bombshell purple shampoo by Global Keratin, which keeps your hair bright blonde and brass free in between colors and strengthens as you wash your hair.

Depending on the porosity of your hair, you may want to take home a bottle of Olaplex, which is a gift from the universe according to all blondes on earth. This fantastic product can condition, protect, seal your cuticle and replenish the bonds in your hair for gorgeous, strong locks. It smells like heaven, it feels great and it will give you the softest hair you’ve ever had. You will use it 1-2 times a week and it will bring your hair back to life. They can discuss other ways of using the product depending on the porosity of the hair.

Bleaching your hair can be a damaging process, but it doesn’t have to be! There’s no reason to be worried if you do your homework and chose a salon that has your back and a hairdresser that is knowledgeable and confident. Hair2o Salon in Tempe, AZ right by ASU campus is a great option for going blonde. Jessica Crombez is the Master stylist/colorist she will take care of you and discuss all options and routs catered to your budget. No need to ever worry again about finding the right person. No more unwanted damage. If you have damage from a previous stylist no worries there are treatments that will fix it same day! Make an appointment -today P: 602-872-1604 Good luck on your journey to Platinum!

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