Best Haircuts for Women Living in Arizona

Best Haircuts for Women Living in Arizona

When you’re struggling with heat exceeding well over one hundred degrees, the last thing you want to do is make yourself even hotter. That being said, your hair cut and style will have a huge impact on your comfort levels when it comes to managing the summer heat waves. This list of 5 hairstyles and haircuts for women in a desert climate will ensure you’re feeling cool and comfortable, all while looking ridiculously cute and trendy.

Edgy Pixie

When it comes to managing the sun and ridiculously hot temperatures, a pixie haircut is ALWAYS a great idea! Pixies get rid of all that excess length, which can wear you down and make you feel a lot warmer than you truly are; not to mention they’re easy to style and have that effortless appeal that’s chic and face framing.


Aside from keeping you nice and cool even in one hundred and plus degree weather and being the most manageable haircut out there, pixies are also one of THEE trendiest haircuts to rock. We’ve seen them all over Hollywood, from top celebrity Tyra Banks to some of the most beloved actresses including Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway. And while pixies have truly always been in style year round, they’ve surged with popularity in 2016 and there’s no end in sight.



One of the hottest ways to style your hair into a pixie haircut in the summer is to indulge in the edgy pixie. This type of pixie will have loads of piecey layers that add some unique dimension and personality to the overall look. It’s a favorite among women of all ages and looks great on any face shape, but if you’re looking for something a bit more refined, consider longer layers that still allow you to create styles like curls and waves. There are plenty of options- you just need to find the one that’s right for you.

Try on your pixie haircut with a cute hat to block your face from the sun without messing up your hairstyle!

Face Framing Layered Lob

Want more length than a pixie but don’t want to have to deal with the intense heat of long hair? Then you may want to consider a face framing lob. A ‘lob’ is essentially this: a long bob. That being said, you still have plenty of room for styling your tresses into some gorgeous voluminous curls, or leave them straight for a sassy and cute look that frames the face beautifully.

When you ask your stylist for the ‘lob’, make sure you inform them you’re looking for face framing layers. These types of layers are lengthier in nature and will surround your jaw line, emphasizing your facial features and creating a luscious bounce without any effort. It’s a great choice for all face shapes, but looks particularly nice on women with heart or round faces; it may be best to avoid this look if you have a longer face or forehead, as it may draw more attention to your longer features.

To ensure this lob isn’t too heavy, you may want to try out a lighter hair color. As we all know, darker colors draw in more heat, and that’s exactly what you want to avoid in the hot summer weather. If you’re already blonde, consider a brighter tone of blonde such as creamy or platinum. If you’re a brunette, by simply tossing in some blonde highlights you can cool down the overall look and feel of your locks. Any tone of blonde is favorable in the heat, so whether you’re going all out with a dimensional bright blonde or keep it simple with a few piecey highlights, you will certainly reap the benefits.

Don’t forget to use moisturizing products on your hair, especially when it’s longer in a lob, and even more importantly when you’re bleaching all or part of your mane. Moroccan oil is highly recommended, as it is filled with fatty acids and vitamin E which is particularly great for managing damaged hair and keeping it moisturized and beautiful.

Crown Braid

If you can’t seem to part with your longer strands and wish to keep your length, then you’re probably looking for new and cute ideas to style your hair so that it is up and away from your neck and shoulders. Ladies, I happily introduce you to the crown braid.

It’s no secret that braids are extremely popular this year, and we’re seeing braids of every shape and size gracing our eyes everywhere we turn. From the fishtail braid to milkmaid braids, braided updos to side swept wonders, it’s a fact we’re in love with all things braids. But one of the best braided hairstyle for summer- especially in the wicked heat- is of course the crown braid, which pulls up ALL of your locks into a delightful braid that wraps around the head. Fit for a queen, it’s a charming and delicate hairstyle that not only keeps you cool, but leaves you looking flawless.

Creating a crown braid is incredibly easy, although it looks a lot harder than it really is. Don’t fret! With a bit of practice you can conquer the crown braid and have a dazzling look to last all summer. To do a crown braid, simply follow these easy steps:

-Move most of the hair at the front over to a single side.

-Pick up two small strands of hair right at the hairline.

-Twist them together so that the top piece moves to the bottom, while the bottom piece moves to the top.

-Add in some hair to the lower piece.

-Repeat the twist in the same manner. You will be using this same technique around your entire head, so ensure you continue adding hair to the lower strands. Try to keep your hair as tight as possible, as keeping it loose may mean losing your braid altogether.

-Continue around the entire head.

-Make a rope braid at the end of your hair, twisting both strands of hair to the left and then around to the right.

-Secure the ends with an elastic or bobby pins.

Blunt Bob

Just because it’s ridiculously hot outside doesn’t mean you have to lose your SASS! Blunt bobs are incredibly

appealing on women of any age, but they tend to work best with thin or fine-haired gals, as a thick mane can look over-crowded and extra bulky with a blunt cut. There’s also a great choice for women who crave structure in their lives, as this precise cut won’t lose its shape or have any wispy pieces hanging around.



A blunt bob is pretty versatile: if you’re looking to escape those edges for a day, you can add in some waves for a softer texture around the face. If you want to go to a classy event, you can certainly style up with curls or a fancy updo. If you want to escape the heat even more so, blunt bobs look so cute in little ponytails or paired with a hat. They also look great with any style of bangs, from side swept seductive pieces to fringes that are bluntly cut right above the eyebrow; and by the way, staying true to the precision of the cut all the way through your bangs looks incredibly chic and polished.

As with any hairstyle, you need to make sure you’re taking care of your locks in the best way. Consider using a Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner instead of your go-to, ensuring there’s enough hydration in your locks. This is especially important with a blunt bob, as all eyes are going to be on those straight lines below, and you don’t want onlookers to see any wispy ends or breakage. Make sure your hair is always looking fresh and luscious, even though the sun may try and cause damage or dryness!


Aside from braids, the trendiest hairstyle for 2016 is undoubtedly topknots- everyone is wearing them! They’re a quick and easy way to look casual and effortless, although they can easily be swept up in a fancy manner to accompany your little black dress and jewels for a formal event.

Topknots are a cinch to pull together, and you can wear them whether you have long or short hair, thin or thick hair, or anything in between. There’s TONS of different topknot hairstyles to choose from, whether you pull your pieces together tightly for that regal ‘ballerina bun’ look, or pull your hair up into a topknot and tug on it gently for that full-bodied effect that’s voluminous and loaded with sex appeal.

Topknots look especially nice when your hair has tons of dimension, and also looks amazing with ombre hairstyles as you can see the mix of colors in a way you wouldn’t normally see them. So, if you’re going to try on some highlights or ombre coloring, there’s no better time to do it. Just make sure you take care of your hair, as environmental factors as well as bleach can cause some serious strife to your strands. Using products with Moroccan oil is an easy way to maintain strands and look your best year round.

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