Best Haircuts for Men Living in Arizona

Best Haircuts for Men living in Arizona

Escaping the heat when the temperatures rise well over one hundred degrees may seem like a difficult challenge. You’re probably limiting your wardrobe to tank tops, short-sleeved tops, and shorts ninety-nine percent of the time, but if you’re not paying any attention to your haircut and style, you may actually be drawing more heat without even realizing it. These best haircuts for men in a desert climate will ensure you’re feeling as free and comfortable as humanly possible, even when battling the treacherous temperature the bright sun brings- especially during the summertime.

Buzzed Fade

A buzzed fade haircut is undeniably the most popular haircut for men in desert climates. Buzzing your hair down as short as possible without ridding yourself of hair entirely ensures that there is no extra bulk or weight on your crown, which is undoubtedly going to make you feel cooler day in and day out. Buzz cuts are also extremely easily manageable and you won’t even have to worry about combing your hair before stepping out on your day.

When it comes to buzz fade hairstyles for men, there’s a flurry of options to choose from. The most popular buzzed fade hairstyle leaves a pinch more hair on the top, with the sides completely shaved down to the crown. It’s a hairstyle that works for men of any age, as it isn’t flashy or outrageous, so even businessmen who need to look professional on a day to day basis can remain professional from head to toe. However, it also works for younger guys who are still in elementary school, as it’s easy and handsome and won’t need any excess work to style.

Although a traditional buzz fade is extremely popular, you are still welcome to add a bit of your own personality into your fade; and that’s the best part about indulging in a fade, you can style it up or down however you want! There’s some really unique designs out there- from spiderwebs to zig-zags and everything in between. If you want something more daring and unique, consider adding in some designs to your fade. This is a great look for younger guys in their teens and twenties.

Last but not least, a buzz fade is the perfect choice for men who love to wear hats! You won’t have to worry about any of that awful ‘hat hair’, and you will also be able to block even more sunlight from touching your eyes and face. Needless to say, buzzed fade haircuts are incredibly popular among all men who want something effortless, carefree, complementing, and COOL.

Side Part Pompadour

One hairstyle that is soaring in popularity among men of every age is the pompadour; and the side part pompadour is considerably the most sought after. Side part pompadours give off a very polished and professional style that’s also artsy and fashionable. It’s for the men who prefer the finer things and life and want a hairstyle that gives them that ‘Calvin Klein’ model appeal.

Side part pompadours leave a little bit of length up top, swept off to one side, while the sides of the head are buzzed down. This side parting is used to create an unbalanced appeal that’s incredibly face-framing for men, especially men with stronger facial features that need to be showed off. And depending on your own personal style, you can leave the hair up top lengthier in nature or rock something a bit shorter- it all depends on your personal interests and what you find looks best with your face shape. (Longer faces may want something shorter so their face length doesn’t stand out too strongly, while a rounder face may want more height to make the face appeal longer overall).

Since you’re leaving the hair up top a bit lengthier, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking good care of your hair. The sun and extreme heat can dry out hair quickly and make your strands scraggly and dry. To avoid this potential hair downfall, try using Moroccan oil. Moroccan oil is the best option, as it’s filled with fatty acids and vitamin E that will strengthen and moisturize the hair from root to tip. It can also be used as a styling product while you’re sweeping your locks off to one side before hairpsraying to keep in place.

Short Sides with Brushed Up Top

If you’re looking for a more casual take on the side part pompadour, you may consider a basic, masculine style that includes shorter sides with a brushed up top. It kind of combines the first two hairstyles- however, the sides are left a little longer and the top is left unkempt and carefree.

This type of hairstyle for men in heat can easily be styled and textured however you’d like. Do something short and tousle it up for that ‘bedhead’ effect that’s incredibly enticing and sexy, or go with something lengthier and spiky for that cool skater look. Mixing and matching until you find the best look is one of the best parts about having a short side with brushed up top hairstyle, so keep texturizing until you find the hairstyle you like best.

Another reason why you’re going to love this style? It cuts down one excess weight, which means you will undoubtedly feel cooler, even in weather that’s reaching the top of the charts. The shorter sides will allow a coolness around your head, and brushing the hair up and away from the face ensures an effortless look that’s lightweight and free.

Choppy Short Cut

Men who need a hairstyle that’s incredibly easy to work with- something they can wake up, manage in five minutes, then head out the door- may want to look into a choppy short cut. These cuts are ridiculously manageable and the best part is, all those choppy layers will ensure your mane isn’t drawing in any excess hate.

The length you choose with this hairstyle is completely up to you. Some men will prefer a hairstyle with a little extra length so the layers can droop over their face, while others will opt for something extra short and tamed so they don’t have to worry about texturizing or maintaining every single day.
Choppy short cuts allow you to be very versatile, especially if you leave just a little bit of length up top. You can quickly throw in some product and texture your hair into some short, messy spikes, or you can comb it down for a professional style that’s subdued and office-ready. Versatility- along with lightweight body and carefree attitude- is what draw many men to this hairstyle. This kind of short cut for men also looks insanely cut when paired with a hat, so if you’re looking for more ways to escape the heat, consider sporting your favorite hat before heading out on your day.

Slicked Back

From Justin Timberlake to Brad Pitt, it seems like every handsome, professional man has indulged in the ‘slicked back’ hairstyle. It’s a regal, fancy type of hairstyle that can quickly be dressed up for a Black Tie event, or dressed down and worn to your college class. However, this look certainly is not for everyone. Slicked back hair is reserved for the men who want to ooze class and dignity, the kind of guy who typically doesn’t want to change the tires on his car or step into a one-on-one basketball game.

There’s tons of different ways to style a slicked back hairstyle. Leave it longer so the ends just reach the back of your next, or cut it extra short and leave the slicked back hair strictly on the top of your head with shaved down sides. The point here is to have lengthier pieces up top in which you can use product to slick it back and hold it down.

Why is this hairstyle so popular for men in the heat? Well, just think about it- you will have hair that’s tamed down by product. It’s a ‘wet’ looking hairstyle, and what’s better than water when you’re trucking through hot temperatures? This will give you a cooler feel as the breeze whisks through your textured hair, and just looking in the mirror will give you a feeling of breeziness and coolness.

It is especially important with this hairstyle that you take incredibly good care of it. Longer hair means there is a ton more room for breakage, dryness, and split ends; and because your slicked back tresses will be the main focal point of your entire look, you’d hate to have damaged hair that looks weary and rundown. Consider shampooing and conditioning your hair using Moroccan oil products that contain Argan oil. You can even use Moroccan oil products to slick back your hair. It’s truly a wonder product that can be used in a multitude of ways, and if you use it to slick down your hair, you’ll be perfecting your hairstyle while hydrating simultaneously; you can’t go wrong with that.

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